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Tree Technologies is now Enhancesys Innovations January 1st, 2013 |

We are proud to announce the rebranding of Tree Technologies as Enhancesys Innovations Private Limited. This change is in line with our organization’s vision and long term strategy. Enhancesys is a portmanteau formed from ‘Enhance’ and ‘Systems’. At the heart of our product design philosophy is the firm belief that ‘replacing’ is not the only means of acquiring newer capabilities. At Enhancesys, we strive to develop products that empower our customers with a giant leap in terms of functional capabilities, while ensuring that no existing system needs to be replaced. Our products are designed to co-exist, complement and leverage the legacy systems, thereby, protecting current investments.

Complementing our new brand name, is our fresh new logo. The key highlight of our dual tone logo is the ‘Spiralling e’ in deep orange. While Orange symbolizes dynamism, movement, speed and lightness; the ‘Spiralling e’ symbolises our DNA of binding together disparate data from multiple sources into one agile and simple solution.

This positive change brings about renewed vigour and enthusiasm in each one of us, and strengthens our resolve to provide our customers with futuristic capabilities that will enable them to be leaders in their own sphere of operations.

For more information, please contact :
Arundeep Sivaraj

Digital Assets